Rental Rates will vary based on season, length of stay, and if number of occupant exceed more than six (6) people.

Some of the more common rentals are due to the following:

*Weekend getaways

*weekly vacation,

* golf weekend or week, 

*summer family vacation one or two weeks,


*downhill ski vacation,


*view the beautiful fall colours,

*marathons -iron man and others in the local area

or just relaxation! 

High Season Time/Dates

January 1 to March 31, 2019 (New Years, Family Day,  March break, snow ski season)
June 21 to September 21, 2019 (Summer time weekly vacations),  and
December 1 to 31, 2019  (ski season and Christmas)

High Season Rates *

Three day weekends in high season $999.00 - Non July/August *

Four day weekends in high season $1,375.00 - Non July/August *

One week rates in summer time high season $1,875.00 (Monday 4pm to Monday 11am)  

Monday to Friday rentals in high season are $1,595.00 - (not available in July and August)


Low Season Dates/Times- Spring and Late Fall

April 1 June 21, 2019 (Spring), and
September 22 to November 30, 2019 (late Fall). 

Low Season Rates*

Three day weekends in low season $749.00

Four day weekends in low season $975.00

Monday to Friday rentals are $1,195.00 in low season

One week rates in low season $1,475.00 (Monday 4pm to Monday 11am)


Rental Items/Adjustments/Conditions

* We normally rent July/August, Christmas, New Year's and March break on a weekly basis. Please be
mindful of this as these are prime time vacations and shorter time frames are priced accordingly during these periods, if available.

* Unit is smoke free indoors and no pets are allowed.

*Maximum capacity is 6 adults and 2 children.

*Condo rules apply and quiet by 11pm.

* Any rental that includes a Statutory holiday will have a $100 premium added.

* Any rental of more than 6 people has a slightly extra charge per day.

* All prices are tax included.

* Cheques, bank e-transfer, and cash are all accepted.

* Pool pass at Deerhurst, subject to availability, for families is $20 a day and is not included in the rates above.

All rentals are final and no weather guarantee is provided.

The owner reserves the right to substitute product and / or refund the deposit without notice. Any damages arising from cancellation shall be limited in tort and / or common law to be no more than one hundred Canadian dollars ($100.00 Canadian dollars), and in addition to the full refund of deposit monies received. This condition will form part of the rental agreement between the parties. The Laws of Ontario, Canada apply.

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